President and Registrar's Message

It is our pleasure to present the College’s achievements from what was a significant and productive year.

In 2015/2016 the College marked its final year of transition. At the beginning of the year, extensive consultation was undertaken to gather input from kinesiologists and stakeholders to help us develop our first strategic plan. Working with a facilitator, Council and staff identified three strategic goals to guide our work through to 2018. These goals relate to 1) increasing public awareness and kinesiologists’ understanding of what the College does, 2) increasing support to kinesiologists to ensure the delivery of patient/client-centred care, and 3) enhancing the availability of information provided about kinesiologists and our decision-making processes. Work on achieving these goals began immediately, and our full strategic plan can be found here.

The College has recognized from the beginning that effective governance requires outreach to kinesiologists and stakeholders. This year we modernized our communications model to include social media as another tool to communicate our messages. We also expanded our use of video to provide kinesiologists and the public with information on College processes in a more engaging and visually appealing manner. Finally, we continued a successful campaign of strategically distributing articles online across Ontario, which explain the College’s role and what a kinesiologist does.

One of the ways we help assure the public that kinesiologists are practising competently, safely and ethically is through the College’s Quality Assurance Program. In 2015/2016 we launched the final component- the peer and practice assessment (PPA) process. Several kinesiologists were randomly selected to participate and their feedback, and feedback from our assessors, has been very positive. Both groups have found the process to educational and beneficial for their practice.

Council has made transparency a strategic priority. Several by-law changes were approved that allow the College to publish more information about kinesiologists on the Public Register. These by-law changes are described in our 2015/2016 highlights. We are now working to improve the design and functionality of the Public Register so that this new information is displayed in a timely, accurate and accessible manner. We look forward to working further with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to ensure that the public has appropriate information about kinesiologists to make informed choices about their care.

In the final months of the year, the College worked hard to review and process the many applications received from practitioners qualified for grandparenting. You will see in this report that our membership numbers continue to grow steadily.

The work of achieving the goals described in our strategic plan has just begun, and the next few years will bring many more accomplishments. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Council members, staff and the countless volunteers who are committed to building a College that is effective, innovative and responsive to a rapidly changing environment. To kinesiologists and stakeholders, we say thank you for your continued support and involvement. None of what we do is possible without your desire to see the College succeed.